D.G. Biddle and Associates Limited works closely with developers throughout the subdivision approval and construction process to ensure development potential is maximized.


  • Preparation of subdivision concept plans and draft plans in conformity with local secondary plans or proposed amendments
  • Preparation of preliminary Stormwater management and functional servicing reports
  • Coordination of all consultants, studies and applications throughout the draft plan approval process
  • Preparation of preliminary budgets for clients
  • Preparation of detailed engineering design plans for municipal approvals
  • Coordination and review of municipal development agreements
  • Preparation and administration of cost sharing agreements between developments
  • Review and approval of site grading plans for permit
  • Assist homebuilders with minor variances and grading issues


  • Foster Creek Subdivision – Newcastle Village, Clarington
  • Lily Lake – Peterborough
  • Craft - Lindsay
  • Cobourg Trails - Tribute
  • Jeffrey Kedron – Oshawa
  • Treasure Hill Kedron – Oshawa
  • Kingsway – Oshawa

Northglen West  and East Subdivision, Bowmanville

Northglen West and East Subdivision, Bowmanville

Kirby Heights, Kirby

Kirby Heights, Kirby

Lake Breeze Subdivision, Bowmanville

Lakebreeze Subdivision, Bowmanville